We are creating a personalised digital tutor that semantically filters and contextually teaches world knowledge to each student, independently.

  • Students

    Benefit from tablet sessions, learn new tools to facilitate your learning and get detailed correct answers for all the past tests

  • Teachers

    Schedule tests online, benefit from automated testing, access all the past tests and answers submitted by your students any time

  • Parents

    Keep track of your child’s performance through upcoming and past tests, including the answers submitted for each question in any test

  • Principals

    Access your entire school’s data on the go, including the answers submitted by each student in a particular class test


About Naseem

At Naseem, we firmly believe in education’s pivotal role in ensuring ‘equality of opportunity’. Hence, we are on a mission to transform the education systems of the world, bit by bit. We partner with schools in integrating their curriculum with the latest developments in education technology.

Our tablet sessions in schools arouse curiosity among students in the very beginning of their academic journeys at a montessori level. At grade one, classrooms enter the digital word through Naseem app. Our app is backed by latest research in neruoscience, learning sciences, cognitive science and artificial intelligence. We automate examinations and feed each student’s grades in to our personal tutor, powered by machine learning, semantic analysis and natural language processing algorithms.

Our personal tutor grows with students like a childhood friend. As students progress through grades one, two, three etc, Naseem understands and learns each student’s strengths and weaknesses based on their academic performance. It adopts our Learner, Domain and Pedagogy models in accordance with each student’s contexts, thereby making the learning process for each student a lot more interesting and engaging.

Our team

We are a group of childhood friends specializing in machine learning, cognitive science and learning sciences. Our passion for education enabled us to build our first charity school during our teenage. Since then, we've embarked on a journey to transform education through latest technological breakthroughs.

  • PhD student in Artificial Intelligence and Education from University College London

    Muhammad Ali

    CEO & Founder
  • Fullbright Scholar in Machine Learning from Louisiana State University

    Ibrahim Bashir

  • Fullbright Scholar in Curriculum and Teaching from Columbia University

    Usama Javed


  • PhD in Applied Math from University of California-Berkeley

    Saad Qadeer

    Numerical Analyst
  • Masters in Artificial Intelligence from University of Georgia

    Anzah Hayat

    Research Associate
  • BS Bachelor in Information Technology from Punjab University

    Muhammad Abdullah

    Data Wrangler

  • BCS Bachelor in Computer Sciences from COMSATS University

    Sibghatullah Baig

    UI/UX Design Lead
  • BS Bachelor in Information Technology from FUUAST

    Mirza Shafique

    Andriod Developer
  • Mass Communication from National University of Science and Technology

    Mian Ali Humayun

    Implementing Manager


Our technology begins from conducting regular tablet sessions in schools to creating an artificially intelligent personal tutor for each student.

  • Enhanced learning

    We are using natural language processing, semantic analysis and latest machine learning techniques to utilize every student’s data in a meaningful manner. This data empowers our intelligent tutor to enhance the learning experience of each student in accordance with his/her contexts.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Cutting edge developments in neuroscience, cognitive science and artificial intelligence are constantly expanding the horizons of our imaginations. Hence, our technology is massively research dependent as we envision to revolutionize the relationship of a student with his/her school and parents.

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